Why you should always moonwalk out of your socks...or how to cultivate more fun.

Moonwalking and other small pleasures create joy, so get your Michael on!

I didn’t realise I moonwalked out of my socks until my husband started laughing one night.

“What are you doing? Why don’t you just take them off like a normal person?”

Why do I? Well, I realised that it was simple. It was the funnest way to get my socks off🧦. I love to dance and I love music (yes, a Micheal Jackson fan borne of the 80s) and this felt so natural. I’m not sure when I started the moonwalking sock thing, but I do know that it has become a small, gleeful, silly pleasure every day.

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Finding Fun, Creating Joy

Finding fun in our everyday lives is super-powerful. It alleviates pressure, it feeds our dopamine and other feel-good hormones, and well… it’s always brilliant!

Fun brings us back to ourselves because it’s an activity that lets us access feelings of JOY🎈.

Joy is that pure unadulterated feeling of spontaneous, hand clapping delight. So create more fun and suddenly you are felling more and more joyous. What an amazing thing to cultivate!

Growing Your Fun Garden

Fun and joy can be a challenge to create - there’s nothing worse than enforced fun, right?

Sometimes it seems that the more we chase fun and joy the more it runs and hides!

So, think about it like growing a beautiful garden. Follow these five steps and see what joy blossoms for you 🌻

  1. Know what soil type you are. In other words, what do you find fun, what is your personality? Is it the laugh out loud stuff, or the peaceful joy type?

  2. Create the right conditions. Plants need the right conditions to flourish and so does fun and joy. Check your levels of stress, be aware of the type of people you surround yourself with, physically feel good - get some fresh air, move your body. Create whatever conditions you need to feel ready when the fun finds you.

  3. Plant the seeds. Now you know what you find fun and the conditions are right, what little seeds can you plant for yourself each day? Start off with one thing. Is it a secret rule break, like taking a swig out of the milk bottle each morning? Is it pulling a face in the mirror at yourself? Or maybe its running to the car, or waving at someone as you drive past. Whatever you decide create something harmless, free and elevating for you.

  4. Cultivate the plants. Now you have some fun practices share them with others, it’s great if you have kids around, but I bet you’ll be surprised by the amount of kid in most grown ups! Include others in your games. Take inspiration from what they do, add to your fun practices. Use fun words, affirm to yourself something is fun when you experience it - that way you will build positive associations.

  5. Enjoy the garden in full bloom. Keep taking the time to notice how much fun simple pleasures are. It might be rolling dough, or blowing the bubbles all over the bathroom. Take time to play. Enjoy the moments - after all the plants bloom and die only to bloom again…

I’d love to know what kinds of fun you add in to your daily lives! Maybe the moonwalking thing is a bit too weird, but I dare you to give it a go.

Kelly Herrick is a coach & collaborator who helps people access more freedom & joy. She is also the strategic lead in an international design agency, a painter and mum of two boys.

Please get in touch and let me know your thoughts. You can find me on Facebook or Instagram at @iamkellyherrick. Or through the website kellyherrick.com.

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