How to create the ultimate experiential Christmas

Christmas is coming, so how do you get the Yuletide experience you long for?

We are all craving greater, deeper, more joyful life experience so in this blog I’m going to show you how to create the Christmas you truly want - a Christmas filled with wonderful experience.

My son surprised me a couple of moths ago when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday,

“I’d like to do summat”, he said, “I’d like to go for a day out instead of toys an’ that”.

And most of us feel like that right? We want life experience not gadgets & gizmos.

Here’s why we are creating this new trend for experiences not stuff for Christmas 2019:

  • We have far too much stuff as it is - we have stuff fatigue

  • We feel free when we are away from our daily lives

  • We feel joyful when we are having fun

  • We love to be in community with others

  • And… we love to have moments we can share 📷

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My top tips to creating an experiential Christmas

In my other work I help create world-class experiences for guests in theme parks and leisure attractions around the globe. And the feedback is always the same, it’s not the nuts and bolts of the experience that matters so much, it’s the emotional response they create. So I created this Christmassy exercise just for you…

You can just read the steps, or like the example below you can create your own visual mind map, whatever works for you. If you do the mind map get creative and use colours, icons or pictures to bring it to life, you can even do this as a family exercise too, have fun!

kelly herrick experiential christmas blog

Let’s create your ultimate experience-led Christmas

  1. First of all think about the type of Christmas you want to create, for yourself, your family & friends and community. Do you need to chill out and relax? Are you active and want a high-energy holiday? Do you value family time and want to create a shared experience? Got it? Good! Write it down centre-stage on your mind map. This is your Christmas theme.

  2. Next think about the big events around the holiday season. maybe Christmas day, Christmas Lunch, New Year, family visits or theatre and trips out. Jot them down singly around your Christmas theme. This is your Christmas fun plan.

  3. Under each part of your fun plan write down the types of emotion you want to nurture and help create, maybe; joy, happiness; gratitude; harmony; fun… Or any values and sentiments that are dear to you and yours. This is your Christmas cheer.

  4. Finally, around your Christmas cheer and write down the types of experiences that will help those sentiments flourish. These are you Christmas experiences. Keep thinking about where you are and who you are with. So it might be a peaceful Christmas theme on Christmas eve nurturing a sense of harmony, you may write down ‘candlelit yoga session, followed by wholesome supper and movie with my partner in front of the fire’.

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Here’s how my guide mind map looks, but get creative and see where it takes you! You can put this up on the fridge or take a pic and share it on social media…If you do please tag me in it - I’d love to see! @iamkellyherrick

On 22.11.18 I will be taking you through this step by step on a Facebook live at 8pm UK time, or you can watch it again via my page.

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