Learn how to create more energy and live life with zing!

How can you create more energy so that your bucket is always full no matter what you do or who you’re with?

I love physics. I don't understand most of it but I'm still transfixed by the wonder of it.  I am intrigued at how scientific principles are sometimes reflected in more esoteric practices like Yoga, TaiChi and acupuncture. Most of all I am intrigued by energy. 

The law of conservation of energy means that energy can't be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed or transferred from one form to another. This is amazing! Firstly, we have all the abundant energy we need around us all the time! Secondly, it can be transformed into what we need it to be. So, it’s here all around us and it can be used by us to create what we need. That's a scientific fact!

The words 'transform' and 'transfer' are worth stopping to consider.

I'm guessing you know what it feels like to pour your energy into something or someone receiving nothing in return. To me, this is when we transfer energy. We take it out of our own bucket and fill up someone else's. But then our buckets remain half empty. And if you keep doing this your bucket steadily empties and you are left without the energy to create the life you want. Not sustainable my friends, even if done with love and good intentions. 

So what about transforming energy instead? Well, this is where the magic happens! How can we do this? It seems like magic right? Like something mysterious and out of reach. Wrong. We transform energy every second of our lives. We take sunlight in through our bodies, we ingest calories from our food - it's what we do naturally without even knowing.

Let's think about how we can do it consciously, with intention. If it’s a natural skill we have as a living, breathing being then it must be something we can practice and develop. Remember all the energy we need is all around us and we can use it at will.

How can we transform energy for ourselves? 

Negative to positive

An easy and immediate one is to stop giving your energy to negative activity. Worry is an easy target. Worry is totally and utterly ineffective. It changes nothing but absorbs plenty of energy. Transform the negative worries into positive plans instead. Instead of thinking 'I'm so worried I won't get that promotion, what if Joe gets it instead', think 'I am going to create the best situation for me, I'm going to do XYZ to get this promotion and here's my alternative plan'. 

Journal prompt: What absorbs your energy without giving you a return - what steps can you take to change this into something positive?



Giving yourself every opportunity to grab that boost you need is super important. And I'm not just talking about wheatgrass shots and superfood smoothies here. In a recent session I was at with the inspiring women of Disney Parks, Rachel Quinn, the General Manager of Entertainment at Magic Kingdom, said
'People are my fuel', then went on to describe that when she was low on energy, feeling de-motivated or down she would re-fuel by going out onto the park to soak up the happy vibes from all the guests.

Journal prompt: What is your personal fuel? How can you get more of it in your daily life?

Putting yourself first

I've already written a blog about this as so many women ask me how to do it. You'd think it would be easy but, for many of us, putting ourselves first is really challenging. If you continue to put yourself last all the time then you will definitely be walking around with an empty bucket. I'm not advocating turning into an ego-maniac, but making sure you get plenty of time to be you is important.

When you achieve a state of flow - being so lost in the now that you don't notice time passing - then you re-fuel your energy banks. When your energy bank is full you can take on the world!

Journal prompt: What activities crate flow states for you? Book in time in your diary for three sessions of flow activity every week.

Surround yourself with great energy

Being amongst people with great energy absolutely picks you up and feeds your heart & soul. We all know what its like to be in the company of a Dementor (think Harry Potter). They suck the life out of you and your energy goes with it. Now think what its like when you are surrounded with good vibes. Kids are great for this - you can be feeling low then get down and play lego or run around playing tag and within minutes you're back to your powerful, positive self.

Journal prompt: Who gives you great vibes? How can you learn to say no firmly but kindly to people who take your energy from you?

Here's a thought to leave you with. A match only has enough energy to light something the same size as itself. You can't light a bonfire with a match. But you can light the straw, that lights the twig, that lights the kindling, that lights the bonfire. Keep your energy up by fuelling yourself and just keep going - energy builds and creates powerful things!

Kelly Herrick is a coach & collaborator who helps people access more freedom & joy. She is also the strategic lead in an international design agency, a painter and mum of two boys.

Please get in touch and let me know your thoughts. You can find me on Facebook or Instagram at @iamkellyherrick. Or through the website kellyherrick.com.