Getting the whole life view and why it matters

It took a funeral for me to remember the joy is in the process, the journey, the adventure.

I feel compelled to write this short blog. In the last month we lost and buried two very dear family members. It was whilst I was at one of their funerals that I realised how important it was for us all to see the joy in each step, the whole life process and not just our end result.

The Officiant at the funeral was wonderful. He spoke so gently and inspired so much in me as I listened. The thing that resonated most with me was how he helped us shift our focus. Instead of thinking just of the death, the funeral, the outcome, he asked us to think of the whole life of the person we loved. It may seem a simple thing, something often said at funerals, but I was struck by the beautiful insight he gave me.

In so my things in life we fixate on the end result. We think of the achievement the goal, the result. We miss so much along the way with that mindset.

Taking the creative process as an example, we all know how it feels to be in flow. To be writing, painting, singing, playing and be so engrossed we forget where we are and what the time is. Why then do we give ourselves the huge task of putting all our joy into the final bit? Instead of finding joy in the flow and the rhythm of what we create?

Work can be the same. Teams are driven by goal setting. They are held to account and have to prove their success with data and stats. Why don’t we value what they have learned along the way? The positive impact they have had on people and the business during the process? If their goal is missed does that dismiss all the work and value? I don’t think so.

We rush to take ourselves to that end point of happiness. The big job, the house, the perfect partner, the baby, the car/handbag/watch. Why do we think this will give us joy? Why do we forget that the happiness of every moment is happening right now.

Your life doesn’t start when you achieve these goals, your life is happening right now.

This whole life attitude matters because its the only way we will feel present and in our lives. And that is the only way we feel content, safe, happy and fulfilled.

I love the fact that such a beautiful insight came from such a challenging time, I hope it inspires you.

With love,


Kelly Herrick is an artist & creativity coach who helps people access more freedom & joy. She is also the strategic lead in an international design agency, a painter and mum of two boys.

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