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kelly herrick creative retreats

I love to collaborate with people on, events, writing, guest-teaching, speaking or any other exciting projects!

If you have an idea for a project or event then reach out to me.

My recent collaborations include Pecha Kuchas, Facebook lives, guest teaching and creative retreat sessions.

Here’s a few things you might like to know:

  • I love to write and I guest blog on Thrive Global

  • I paint and love leading creative sessions

  • I’m a speaker and presenter

  • I’m an activator

  • I adore live events with real people

  • I’m based in Derbyshire, UK but travel world-wide

creativity coaching for retreats

“Practising any art - no matter how badly - makes the soul grow.”
(Kurt Vonnegut)


Offer your guests a chance to connect with their creative soul

Connecting people to their inner creative self is what my retreat & event sessions are all about. Creativity isn’t about whether you can paint or write or dance. Creativity is what we do as humans, it’s about waking up our authentic self and stepping out of reaction into creation. And being in creation makes us manifest.

There is an upward spiral for well-being and creativity. One leads to increases of the other.

Studies also find that creating and expressing ourselves gives us a sense of purpose. That creativity helps lower stress and anxiety, enhances resilience and contributes to our sense of playfulness and curiosity.

Creativity Coaching For Retreats and Events

I’m a creativity coach, an artist, a writer and I work in the creative industries. I have delivered my own retreats and collaborated as a guest teacher on other people’s programs and events.

I run sessions from a couple of hours to a full day. The session are fun, insightful, calm, and hands-on. Something totally different to most other retreat activities out there.

I go on retreats myself, I practice yoga, I’m on my own Reiki journey; I get your world.

So if you have a retreat or event and you want to bring something new and joyful to your guest then contact me and we can chat.

The Sessions

My sessions are base around visual arts or storytelling. Both have a grounding in wellbeing and mindfulness, using visualisation techniques, affirmations and personal reflection. The guest always get keepsakes and inspirations to take away after the session.

Creative affirmation & activation

This session is built around the affirmation:

I play in my imagination,
I create my own reality,
I know and speak my truth.

During the session we explore the fears and challenges around stepping into creation, then taking fun and empowering steps to let that fear go through practical exercises. We explore what it means to be creative instead of reactive and build vision boards of the guests creative superpowers. We commit to ourselves and share our creative commitment at a wonderful ceremony, leaving guests feeling inspired and joyful.

The power of your story

This session is developed for guests to see themselves as heroes in their own life story. To stop living in a story they didn’t write and create a new life story for themselves.

During the session we create and explore their life story timeline, using practical ways of letting go of the fears and uncertainties that have held us back, We move on to dream and visualise what our life story might look like, now, next and in the future.

Through this session each person builds an actual book for themselves to take home and use in their lives. The empowerment comes in the wonderful sharing ceremony. Guests leave this session feeling free, empowered and ready to step forward.

If you are looking for a session that gets guest booking, or coming back for something new, then reach out to me

What it costs

This totally depends on the length of the session, number of participants and location. Let me show you where I start. A half day session within a 2hr drive of Derbyshire costs £400. So if you had 15 guests that would be just over £25/head. Or maybe your event floats my oat and we can swap a place for my session?

This includes prep time, creating keepsakes, all materials, a prep call with you and travel to & from the venue.

If I needed food and drink I’d like you to feed me! If I needed overnight accommodation we can chat about whether you want to sort that on-site, or if you would prefer me to find somewhere.

It’s easy for you; you brief me, I come along and deliver a wonderful session.

Great things people say about me


Nicola Newman, Coach, Artist, Author

Kelly was an incredibly generous and insightful guest teacher for Flourish: The Art of Creative Living. Members gained so much from her guided process of releasing out-dated stories about their creative abilities and past painful experiences, before intentionally writing and embracing the next chapter of their creative lives.


Nic Devlin, Founder Remarkable Women

Kelly is one of those women who simply doesn’t know how NOT to make an impact – in a great way. The moment she comes into your life you can literally feel the magic starting to happen! Why? Because its WHO she is. Her passion for life and her deep desire to unlock the truth are part of her DNA and its infectious. You want to play and dive in – because it’s fun AND you know there’s gold in the learning that she’s showing up to you.  She brings a unique blend of creativity with challenge and practicality. And a big heart, expect some tough love. She’s not interested in being right; she simply wants to help you be even more YOU, the real YOU. And I love that.


Julia Mitchell, Managing Director Toast PR

Kelly’s kick ass. She’s a strong, inspiring woman whilst still having a lot of empathy – a rare combination. She’s intuitively creative and isn’t afraid to take risks which is probably why she has been so successful in all her endeavours. We’ve worked together over a period of 10 years now and she’s someone I hold in high regard.


Danielle Macleod, Founder remarkable Women, Author

What an honour it has been to see Kelly learn to unlock her latent creativity these past few years!  Combine that with a continued search for knowledge, a track record of thoughtful leadership in her professional field and an irresistible desire for mischief and I can think of no-one better to be out in the world demonstrating and teaching the art of creativity as a source of constant joy.  If you want to learn to play again, you should start right here - and get ready for fun, adventure and a good old streak of healthy rebellion!