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I’m Kelly, an artist and creativity coach.

We are all creative. We all deserve wellness. We all enjoy play.

I make art, run creativity workshops & events, collaborate on other people’s retreats & events, write and speak on creativity.
All of my work is based on empowering you through creative living, supporting your emotional & psychological wellness and creating pure fun and enjoyment. My art is inspired by nature; it’s loose, colourful and dynamic.

From my own journey of creation, my connection with others and my experience working in the creative industries, I am absolutely convinced that we are all creators. And I don’t just mean artists and poets, I mean human beings able to create the relationships, situations and the magic we all so want in our lives.

I am passionate about helping develop joyful, free people that have the resilience, the energy and the creativity to play their way through a full and happy life.

Connect with me and every month I’ll send you my Freedom & Joy Chronicles
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With creative living I:

  • Create flow in my life

  • Connect with like-minded people

  • Re-invigorate my creativity

  • Take responsibility for what I truly want

  • Re-write my own rules and set my own boundaries

  • Re-define and re-create my relationships

  • Am present, calmer and more connected to now

  • Take action to create my heart’s desires

These are my values:

From my blog

Here’s what people say about me

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Nic Devlin

Kelly is one of those women who simply doesn’t know how NOT to make an impact – in a great way. The moment she comes into your life you can literally feel the magic starting to happen! Why? Because its WHO she is. Her passion for life and her deep desire to unlock the truth are part of her DNA and its infectious. You want to play and dive in – because it’s fun AND you know there’s gold in the learning that she’s showing up to you.  She brings a unique blend of creativity with challenge and practicality. And a big heart, expect some tough love. She’s not interested in being right; she simply wants to help you be even more YOU, the real YOU. And I love that.

julia mitchell toast PR kelly herrick coaching

Julia Mitchell

Kelly’s kick ass. She’s a strong, inspiring woman whilst still having a lot of empathy – a rare combination. She’s intuitively creative and isn’t afraid to take risks which is probably why she has been so successful in all her endeavours. We’ve worked together over a period of 10 years now and she’s someone I hold in high regard.

danielle macleod coach kelly herrick coaching

Danielle Macleod

What an honour it has been to see Kelly learn to unlock her latent creativity these past few years!  Combine that with a continued search for knowledge, a track record of thoughtful leadership in her professional field and an irresistible desire for mischief and I can think of no-one better to be out in the world demonstrating and teaching the art of creativity as a source of constant joy.  If you want to learn to play again, you should start right here - and get ready for fun, adventure and a good old streak of healthy rebellion!