creativity coaching with kelly herrick

One-to-one Creative Living Coaching

Not just another life coach…

There’s a lot of coaches out there. Most are doing amazing things. But I’m not just another life coach.

I’m a strategic lead in an international design agency, I’m a painter, I’m a speaker, I’ve reinvented my own creative life after divorce and the heavy world of corporate business. I get it. I know this is a big deal, I know you are waking up to making more room for you in your life and you need to trust who you do that with.

Maybe you are looking to activate more opportunity in your career or business using creativity?

Maybe you long to create a more abundant, confident and self-expressive you?

Maybe you want to gain more fulfilment through developing a creative mindset and lifestyle?

Maybe you’ve got to a place in your life where you just want to meet your creative, authentic self?

Maybe you need more flow and wellness in our life through accessing your creative you?

Maybe you’re even in a creative life now and need support to push that even further?

Whatever your situation you will want to work with me if you know the value of a creative living mindset, if you’re ready to explore and have an adventure and if you really want to make this happen!

I’m not going to do any selling at you, I’m not qualifying you through a sales funnel, I’m not going to ask you to sign up on the phone. If you reach out it will be a human, warm phone call with no obligations. You might even enjoy it… So what are you waiting for?

Or if you’re looking for creativity coaching for your business or organisation, then come on over to this page.

Creative living is a way to create what you want in your life, to stop reacting and start creating! It’s not about drawing, painting or writing, its a bout creating what matters most to you - a life of freedom & joy!

I work with people who yearn to have a more fulfilled life and a desire to make that real for themselves. We focus on creative living. We work out our challenges, we take action, we have fun, we create what our heart desires most, we understand the value of our own creativity.

When you know you want more freedom to create the life you dream of, when you want more joy every day, then collaborating with a coach like me can really help you make it all happen.

You know you want and deserve more!

  • More freedom to be your unique self

  • More joy and sparkle

  • More time to create, be in flow and connect with your passions

  • More fun & play, more kick back & chill

  • More support to activate your desires

  • More human connection

  • More clarity on your life’s direction

  • More creativity in how you look at life and its challenges

  • More confidence and less inner critic

  • More resilience, more energy and more oomph!

What you get

90 minute video coaching calls. Email support. Inspirations, goals, accountability and practical help & tools. And of course, my candour, creativity and insight.

  • Personalised notes for you to add to and work with

  • Private online area to access all your materials and notes

  • Goals and action setting on each setting

  • Activities, challenges and inspirations

  • Email support

  • Access to my Facebook community

  • Read/watch/listen lists for continued learning and inspiration

How it works

I only have a very limited number of one-to-one places, because i’m busy creating the life I want too. It’s great because that means I get to really focus on you and give you the attention you deserve.

3 month personalised coaching plan based around the key principles of Momentum, Creation and Activation.

The plan includes, fortnightly video coaching calls, oodles of email support and all the great materials,
templates and techniques you could hope for. Plus more heart-felt love and compassion than you can shake a stick at.

I also offer additional VIP in-person coaching days where we can meet, dream big and move you even faster towards your creative living goals.

What it costs

I offer my clients something of real, tangible and genuine value. In return there is an investment for you to make.
My 121 creative living coaching is £1,800 for 3 months.
VIP in-person days depend on when and where, so let’s talk about it and make it fabulous!

Why me?

I think I’ve been where you are now. I focus on helping you develop a creative living mindset and lifestyle, and, if that’s what you truly want, we’ll go together like peas and carrots.

You can find out more about me and what other people think of me on my homepage. You can follow me on social media, or call me for that chat you know you want to have. But this isn’t really about me, its about you.

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I’m inviting you to take your first step…

It’s hard taking the plunge and making that first contact isn’t it? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

You are capable of creating so much more freedom and joy in your life, so don’t hold yourself back. There’s no hard sales pitch, there’s just you and me connecting. Go on, dare you.

Yes please, I’d like to have a lovely chat with you
about coaching, free of charge (yay!)

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