Learn to paint a treasury of watercolour landscapes

A nature-inspired watercolour course for artists of all abilities.  Learn how to paint stunning yet simple and fun landscapes indoors or out, and finish the course with a sketchbook full of your own beautiful art!

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Longing to paint breathtaking  landscapes but find yourself held back by inspiration, technique or confidence? 

Maybe you are experiencing some of these challenges?

  • You would love to have a sketchbook full of beautiful art but feel it's somehow beyond your abilities (it's not!)
  • Watercolours sound dreamy but you can't seem to get the effects you desire
  • You don't know where to start, or what materials to use
  • You don't know how to¬†choose a scene from the landscape and simplify it, you want to cram everything in!
  • You are fed up with traditional or boring approaches to landscape
  • You want simple techniques you can use on any type of landscape because you love them all...
  • You keep over painting, making stiff or lifeless art and want to loosen up and have some fun
  • You¬†only have small amounts of time to make art so need to learn how to paint¬†fun pieces on the go, using minimal supplies you can take anywhere
  • You want to capture the atmosphere of¬†the great outdoors but from the comfort of your own home
  • You want to learn how to paint outside and have an art adventure or two
  • You can't do this alone and¬† need inspiration to get you started and support to keep your confidence up¬†

Embark on an enchanting watercolour journey with me!

Learn how to paint nature like you always dreamed of! I'll show you how to:

  • Start with confidence from a blank page
  • Draw out your ideas¬†
  • Get the most out of your watercolours
  • Fit a huge view onto a small sketchbook page
  • Loosen up and have fun with your paints
  • Use less materials to achieve more
  • Paint from photos, from life and from imagination
  • Add pen flourishes and marks to bring your art to life
  • Celebrate the landscapes you love with your art
  • Paint floral landscapes, hills and valleys, seascapes and woodlands
  • Paint nature from the comfort of indoors or learn how to paint in the great outdoors

It’s time to unleash your inner landscape artist!

Learn how to use your watercolours in exciting ways and with bold colours
Explore a range of inspirational landscapes with me, so you can paint your favourite scenes
Discover free bonus classes, ask questions on each lesson and join our private Facebook community

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Drawing Help

Foundational class in easy drawing techniques

Watercolour Tips

A foundation lesson taking you through the key techniques  

Outdoor Demos

I'll take you outside and show you outdoor painting tips and tricks

Indoor Demos

The comfort of indoor painting, with a variety of beautiful scenes

Materials List

A full guide to the accessible materials in the course


Ask questions on any lesson and get answers from me


Bonus how-to classes like colour mixing and making sketchbooks


Private Facebook group where you can share and ask questions 

Here's what you get with Landscape In My Pocket

A sketchbook full of beautiful watercolour landscapes you painted! because you knew the techniques, felt confident and had loads of fun! This looks like:

  • Super friendly, easy to follow video lessons from me, with step-by-step guidance to teach you all my techniques
  • Foundational lessons in both watercolour and drawing techniques so you can create a variety of effects confidently
  • A full materials list and lesson to help you choose the best materials for you, within your budget
  • Art tips and techniques in every lesson where I share how I get my results and help you problem solve
  • A range of beautiful landscapes, from woods to flower meadows, beaches to panoramas, to give you the skills to paint any type of landscape you love
  • Green colour mixing bonus lesson, to ensure you get the right look with your paints out in nature
  • Bundle¬†of my own original landscape photos¬†for you to use for future painting projects (so you aren't stumped by what to paint next!)
  • A look inside my own sketchbooks for lots more inspiration for you
  • Additional bonus lessons to help you craft your own helpful pieces of art kit and build your confidence for an outdoors art adventure
  • Instant, unlimited, lifetime access. This means you can access the course anywhere with internet, as often as you like for as long as you like. You can go at your own pace and align your learning to the demands of your life
  • Final gratitude ritual to give you space to celebrate all you have learned and acknowledge how far you have come
  • Membership to¬†my private Facebook community where you can share art, ask questions and connect to like minded artists
  • Certificate of completion to flash around with pride and maybe hang on¬†your wall - you did this!
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This is the right course for you if...

You have a deep desire to paint stunning landscapes in watercolours, but feel hesitant or lack confidence.

You long to infuse your artwork with life and vibrancy, learning techniques to create dynamic and captivating watercolour art.

You dream of establishing a nature-inspired art practice, but are unsure where to begin or how to develop a solid foundation.

You value the guidance of an experienced artist who can provide expert support and instruction, painting both indoors and outdoors.

You appreciate practical demonstrations and step-by-step techniques that make learning enjoyable, allowing you to achieve beautiful results quickly.

You desire the convenience and flexibility of an online course that offers lifetime access, empowering you to learn at your own pace, wherever and whenever you choose.

And... this is not the right course for you if you want to stick to traditional watercolours, you want to work in acrylics or mixed media, or you don't have a love for our subject - landscapes!


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I thought watercolour meant you had to make it EXACTLY like the view, which was stressing me out frankly. This is freer and much more my style.


I just watched your green class it is wonderful!!!!! Your course is fantastic, I am only partially through it and really love it. I look forward to taking more classes from you online.


What a fun course and I have learned to drop perfection and just enjoy the process. Thanks Kelly for a wonderful journey with you!

I'm Kelly

I'm thrilled to welcome you to Landscape In My Pocket, a course that holds a special place in my heart. 

Everywhere I go people seem to be enchanted with my watercolour sketchbooks. And I must admit, they are an absolute joy to create! Now painting in these pocket-sized sketchbooks has become an integral part of my art practice and a cherished way of capturing memories and stories.

It's such a pleasure to flip through the pages, transporting myself back to those picturesque landscapes I love. It's more than just preserving a moment; it's a profound way of connecting with nature and the land itself. Sure, clicking a camera can capture a scene, but it's through the act of physically painting a place that I truly feel a lasting connection. 

I've created this course to share this incredible journey with you. My goal is to help you uncover the sheer delight of connecting with nature and expressing your creativity through painting. I understand that fears and barriers may exist, but fear not my friends, I'm here to provide gentle guidance and support to help you overcome those obstacles.

By making the process of painting landscapes as easy, mobile, and fun as possible, I want to empower you to embark on your own artistic adventures.

Yes! I want to paint beautiful landscapes

Put your mind at ease with my 7-day money back guarantee.

I know you will love this course, but if you aren’t completely satisfied with the course let me know within the first 7 days for a full refund.