Relieve and manage your perimenopause & menopause symptoms with the power of art! Free Menorelief Toolkit

Find your joy again! Use this hands-on toolkit to help take back control of those perimenopause and menopause symptoms.

  • 54 point¬†menopause symptom checklist
  • Creative exercises to help relieve your symptoms
  • Manage brain fog, hot flushes, aches & pains, mood, physical changes and more...
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  • 54 item researched symptom checklist
  • Creative¬†exercises to help relieve your symptoms
  • Alternative creative ideas to help manage your menopause symptoms
  • Why this time is the most creative of our lives
  • Oodles of inspiration!

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Hi, I'm Kelly

I'm a perimenopausing woman, artist and author on a creative adventure of a lifetime! 

I see so many women our age struggling with the challenges of perimenopause and menopause. We're expected to go through this life-transforming time and still manage all the things and be all the things.

That's a tough gig! And it's why I created this free resource to show you how you can use your inner creativity to make a better menopause for yourself. Because we can get back in control and into joy, and we can have a great life during our menopause years.

If you're a 'hell yes' to a healthier, more fulfilled, more joyful menopause then download the guide and unleash your creative power with me!


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