Create your dream menopause

Because there's way more to menopause than hot flushes and hormones. Dive into the most creative time of your life with me...

Rebloom School is here to help you embrace your transformation, showing you how to access your inner fire and creativity and make a menopausal life worth living!

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Don't just navigate your menopause, flourish and thrive through it!

Rebloom School is a hands-on, hearts-on creativity course using art and making to build your own, customised menopause toolkit. Step into your midlife power and become the Creatrix you were always meant to be.

We'll be using powerful art and making techniques to build a toolkit to not only help manage your menopause symptoms, but also to create a more fun and fulfilled midlife.

There will be guest teachers, live sessions and a community of creative women, along with an intuitive series of lessons following my SAGE method to support and inspire you.

Rebloom School is an online, instant access, lifetime course, giving you the freedom to continue exploring and creating your menopause toolkit as long as you need to.

Come and rebloom with us and discover the power of creativity to change your life and maybe the world!

Coming June 2024

I'm Kelly

I'm a peri-menopausing woman, artist and author on a creative adventure of a lifetime! 

When I look at the creativity, passion and wisdom I see in women our age, I realise we are a huge untapped potential. Our perimenopausal and menopausal journeys don't have to be hidden and terrible, they can be celebrated and transformative.

So, I'm using the power of art and making to build a toolkit for women to create the menopause they actually want to live.   

My goal is to help you unleash your inner creativity and rebloom, grow and flourish in your second half of life.

Our world needs older women in their full creative power to change the world for the better. I'm in are you?

Yes! I'm in!

It's important to note that neither I nor any of my guests at ReBloom School are medical professionals.

Our tips and techniques are shared with the best intentions, but it's crucial for you to understand that they do not substitute for personalised medical advice. Your health is unique, and consulting with a qualified healthcare professional is always recommended.

Remember, your well-being is in your hands! Take charge of your health responsibly and seek professional guidance as needed.

Wishing you a blooming journey ahead!