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I’m Kelly, a contemporary landscape artist.

I create loose, colourful, impressionistic landscapes. Coast & country, sky & sea; the beauty and power of nature is my inspiration.

I love to bring the beautiful outdoors onto our walls; helping people adorn their homes and spaces with nature, light and colour.

My contemporary art style inspires you to fall in love with the landscape all over again. My paintings aim to build a connection with nature that helps us all cherish our awe-inspiring world.

In my paintings you will often see a dramatic sky, bold brushstrokes, splurges of juicy colour and intriguing scribbles. When I paint I feel free, joyful and well, and I gift these feelings to you with my art. View my gallery

I work in oils and watercolour. I create collections of paintings available to buy for your home or business and I also take commissions to create something unique for you. Maybe you have a beloved place or view you would like to capture forever and hang on your wall? Talk to me about your ideas and let’s create something you will cherish for a lifetime.


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